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Sermon Series

Break Every Chain

Little Big Man

 Your Very Source

Bible Prophecy


 The Making Of A Champion

Hearing From God

 God’s Goodness & Mercy

Imitate Those Who Inherit The Promises

 Sifted As Wheat, Tried Like Gold

Troubled Times

 Winning Soulss

Planted In Christ

Jesus Doesn’t Patch Up The Sinner

Do You Know The Father?

Life Flows From The Heart

We Walk By Faith & Not By Sight

 Beggar Or Believer

Don’t Limit God

 3 Types Of People – Which One Are You?

Redeemed From The Curse

 Dig Deep

Ambassadors For Christ

 Overcoming In This World

Evangelism – Jonah

 James: Foundation Of Faith

 God’s Great Love


Challenging Situations

The Soul

God Has A Plan

 Hearing God’s Voice

A Change Of Identity

Take Your Stand

Mark 11:24

 Repairing The Breach

You Are Commanded To Study

 I Know Your Works

What Jesus Said About Answered Prayer

 Common Sense

Parakletos – Holy Spirit

 A Life For Christ

Our Heavenly Father Loves Us

Faith, Doubt & Unbelief


 The Word Of God Separates You

The Rest of Faith

 Faith VS Doubt

God’s Medicine For Your Health – The Gos-pills

 The Spirit of Faith

Perfect Memory

 Voices Competing For Your Heart

 Keys To God’s Promises

Sew Righteousness To Yourself

What To Do If Your Faith Doesn’t Seem To Work

Come Let’s Talk

Resurrection Power




 Strategic Prayer

The Power Of The Gospel

 A Journey With God

God’s Plan For Man

 Jesus Our Life Support


 What Will The Word Produce In You?

Foundation Principles

How To: Power to Walk Above . . .

Everything Comes By A Decision


Conquering Doubt & Unbelief

Truth About Tongues

The Law Of The Spirit Of Life

Your Authority


Once Saved Always Saved?

5 Worlds Beneath The Earth

Faith Fuel

Jesus The High Priest Of Our Confession

Simplicity Of Faith

Your Walk With God


Signs Of Jesus’ Return

The Word Of God

The Throne Of Grace

Your Independence

The Thief

How To Use The Word

Identity Theft

Faith Without Action Will Not Work

The Heart Of Man

Your Inheritance, Patience

Reprogramming The Brain

Don’t Lose Faith